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Thursday, August 26, 2010

John Belushi - Biopic

All my life i was told i look like this funny guy, Belushi. i said, "Okay... thanks?" turns out he was also known for his physical comedy and his ability to 'commit' to the point of pain or worse, injury. what people don't understand is, IF IT'S FUNNY, IT'S WORTH IT!!! The joy that laughter brings far exceeds any physical pain your body can suffer. In that moment, you don't feel the pain. Only later do you look back and think, "Shit, i probably could have killed myself. oh well, it was worth it."

Turns out, Todd Phillips and Judith Belushi-Pisano are producing a biopic about John Belushi, this guy that "i look so much alike." I have always been a fan of his comedy but never really knew anything about him. I purchased Judith and Tanner Colby's biography and I am finding huge similarities that are blowing me away. Commonalities such as: views about friendships that are identical, gravitation energy, facial features, stage presence, charisma, humility, dreams, ambition, and even pictures that i already have of myself (in this life) without even knowing he had already taken them(in his).

I was born to play this part. Anyone who has known me has heard me say it at some point. I knew this movie would be made and now i am at the perfect age, 28, the age he was during "Saturday Night Live", I am living in Los Angeles, I have worked on half a dozen features now, I have the body structure, the athletic ability, the inability to be a good cold reader but yet still shine when i get on stage, and I have always been told that i can make people smile with a simple facial feature. I have never felt so strongly about anything and now the moment is here. This role is extremely destructive and will require going to some very dark places, but i am ready and willing to explore any place to tell this story. This is my role and i won't take no for an answer.

I am currently in the process of contacting the people behind the project, but i am want to make sure i approach them in the correct way. I would rather they find me, but realistically, i am willing to tell anyone and everyone who wants to hear my claim. please leave a comment about how you feel about this and re-share this blog to help me create as much "buzz buzz", "buzz buzz" as possible.


Links to more information about this project:

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  1. Absolutely go for it! Do you currently have representation theatrically? If so, they best be on the phone for you! I will repost this on my site to see if it helps in any way...

    I can't think of a better person to rep Belushi!

  2. Thinking outside the box & persistence....what a winning combination.

    Taking a chance on an actor hungry for the role would exact an outstanding performance. Good luck, and go for it!