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Friday, January 29, 2010

Commercial Agent

How do you even get a Commercial Agent?

I'm still not sure. Here's what happened.

A friend of the family recommended me to his agent. It is always who you know... after my friend called his agent, i then sent them an email the next day with my headshot, resume, and reel information (not as important). they scheduled a "meeting" (audition) almost a month later. When i got into the "meeting", they looked at my head shot and i immediately apologized for how out of date it was. The title reads, Alexander, Solomon
"So is your name Alex or is it Solomon?" I laughed and explained how i have never felt like an Alex and that i feel like a Saul. One of the agents responded, "Don't go by Saul, that sounds like an old man's name." i quickly interjected, "Like a man that owns a deli and maybe spits a lot." laughter. We talk some more and the agent notices my address is really far away. I explain, "I use that address because the mail lady refuses to deliver my mail to the apartment. I guess she doesn't like the name Saul either." laughter. The interview continues and the agent asks, "Are you able to do beerspots?" she said beerspots rather quickly and i am not use to this term so i looked like a deer in headlight and commented, "I'm sorry" she explained slower, "beer spots, are you 25 or older?" to which i remarked, "Beeeeeeeeeeeer??? what is this?" i must have done something with my face, because by this time, the other agent is in stitches. This continues for about ten more minutes, then out of no where, they look at each other,
"Do you like him?"
"Do you... obviously right?"

Next they asked if i had any questions for them and i started with, "so technically..." i was cut off but i know in my heart a horrible question was coming. i don't even remember what it was, but after 20 minutes of running the gamet with success, i was due for a question to bomb. like a bomb so bad that farting out loud might make the situation more appropriate.

All in All, NO AWKWARD MOMENTS!!!? i was just myself.

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