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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lane Kiffin goes to USC

In case you care, Lane Kiffin decided to take the Head coaching job at USC this week. A lot of Tennessee fans are angry and i can understand why. They lost a coach who made a commitment to inspire their program. A coach who had great potential. A coach that liked to pick fights, to help his team develop a certain swagger (i'm not exactly sure what that swagger was, but it gained them some TV exposure). A coach that took them to a bowl game (even though they lost it to Virginia Tech).

So i understand why Tennessee fans are upset, but you really can't blame the guy for leaving. He had previously worked under Pete Carroll at USC for 6 years and didn't want to leave, but who could turn down a promotion? He knew Carroll wasn't going anywhere with all of his Draft worthy football players. The Raider's scoped up Kiffin and after going 5-10 in the National Football League, he was fired. All hope wasn't too low though, in fact 2 months later, it was Rocky Top Mountain High. Tennesse liked Kiffin's style and gave him another shot as Head coach. In return, he gave them a winning season, going 7 - 6 and some SEC exposure. All of this turned into the 4th highest recruiting class for next year's season. At the same time, Pete Carroll's Trojans were under investigations, incredible injuries, and lack of depth in their program.

Both programs ended up losing their final game of the season a with neither coach happy, they were eager to take bids for a new job elsewhere. All and all i am happy for Kiffin, because now SEC fans don't have to listen to him. Also, because he was able to do something a lot people don't get the chance to do, go home again.

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