What will the new short hand be?

Thursday, December 31, 2009

a new year's standard

What do you think people will call the next few years? This decade has been '01 - '09. Sometimes you probably said 2001 or 2009, but the short hand notation remained the same. The possibilities for the next decade are:
1) Two thousand and ten
2) Twenty ten
3) Oh ten
and simply
4) Ten.

'Remember back in ten when we were in that movie?', simply sounds silly.

Oh Ten. '010. First time i saw the year written this way, i laughed and then realized, it is just the short hand of 2010. Although it really isn't that much shorter than writing the whole year out, I think it will catch on. Personally, I have always been a fan of describing zero as 'aught'. 'Remember back in Aught Five in Gary Indiana?' (that's okay, very few do)

Twenty ten. Phonetically, this one has the most efficient sound. But it promotes segregation between the twenty and the other numbers. Therefore, this one does not get my vote, racist.

Two thousand and ten. i got tired just typing that out, i can't even imagine have to say that out loud, on purpose. 'Remember back in two thousand and ten when... HEY where did you go?' 'I'm in the kitchen. I decided to make a sandwich while you were attempting to announce what year that was.'

Happy New YEARS!!!

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