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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 3 - Last day in Rochester

4 Hours of sleep and it is time to check out of the hotel, but since we didn't finish the scenes from yesterday, we had to go back to the gorge. We get there and Russell's stunt double is setting up the shot, on the edge of a cliff. Jonah's character is suppose to be standing out next to him, so the 1st A.D. says, without asking me, "That's ok, Alex will do it." Yeah, he is right, of course i'll do it. Why wouldn't i? Sounds fun. But they made a big deal about it and made me strap on a harness, for safety something something. It is so nice of them to be concerned. I can just hear the producers, "Yeah, if he dies then we can't screw him later." The 1st A.D. got a picture of me standing there and i will post it in 3 months when he uploads all his pictures. Finished the work day in 4 hours, but our plane tickets were pushed until 5:30pm. The crew's departure times were 2, 3:15, 5:25, and 7:30. Somehow Ricky and i were important enough to get the 5:25 flight and not the latest one. Sorry grips and electric, maybe next year. However, the vans to get us to the airport were scattered and we had to wait in the bug infested field until all the people on the first 2 time slots traveled. Luckily there was room for in one of the vans for us to leave the park by 12:15. As we were all ready to go, the same kid, from the day before says, "oops, i lost my retainer." Everyone got out of the van to help him look. I mean really kid, 2 days in a row you are making us wait for you... After 30 minutes, everyone decided, the kid and his mom had to stay and look, but we are leaving without them.

Got to the airport at 1:30 and checked in at the E ticket kiosk. While checking in, i noticed that it didn't offer me a seat on the earlier flight, so i asked the kiosk man if there was anything he could do. He told me to pay 50 bucks and i could get on it. I said no thanks and that i would come back in 30 minutes to see if the flight info had changed. With an attitude he said, "The flight is over booked, you won't be able to get on it." I kindly said thank you and told him i would come back. After 30 minutes i came back to a sarcastic kiosk worker, "OH, are you ready to checking NOW!!???" Nothing had changed so i got my ticket and went through security (only once this time) where they were trying to figure out what Russell Brand's name was. They knew he was famous because his assistant held all his paper work for him, but they couldn't remember why he was important. I arrived at my gate and ask the worker if i could get on the standby list for the 3:15 flight. She looks down at me and says, "Sir, the flight is over booked." I said, "I know, i would like to get on the standby list please. i figure it couldn't hurt right." The plane began to board and it was a little embarrassing having a good chunk of the crew board the plane while i sat on my computer waiting. After they all board, the worker calls me up and had a ticket for me. 3 times today people told me it was pointless to fly standby, but what they didn't know was i knew there was a little boy and his mom who weren't going to make it in time. So for the 2 times he held me up on set, he held himself up at the airport, Thanks precocious british boy, thanks.

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