What will the new short hand be?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Rushing perfection only breeds mediocrity.

I had to change my departure date and now, I am leaving for New York in 4 days. To make it more fun, i am only taking 2 carry on items in order to ease my portability. i will be in NY for almost 3 weeks. What should i bring? What do i need to bring? What do i want to bring? I still haven't really finalized where i am sleeping from night to night, but i kind of game for that adventure. It reminds me of locker pro (i'll stay in a hotel if i have to put i would rather sleep on a friends couch).

To top it off, i still have 2 shorts in post production. I have been busy and will complete them soon. I know the actors are still waiting for me and i apologize for that. I refuse to start any new projects until those 2 are finalized.

"Rushing perfection only breeds mediocrity."


  1. Candy's Hostel on the upper west side (95th street). Not a bad area and cheap as shit if you need a place to stay a few nights.

  2. Can't wait to see the fight scene.