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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 2 - first day of work

I awake from my nap and go downstairs to grab some breakfast. There was only one other person in the restaurant and since I didn't have a call sheet, I wasn't sure if I was in the correct place. I asked the waitress, "Is this the get him to the greek food?" she clearly had no idea what I was talking about and after thinking about it, if you didn't know that Get Him To The Greek was a movie, you would think I was pretty 'special'. "Greek food, no this is breakfast sir." The only other person at the restaurant assured me I was in the right place. During my meal, I was received with many warm greetings from several people who didn't know I would be in rochester. I love giving other people surprises. now to sit on a bus for an hour to Inspiration Point (a beautiful gorge). Ricky and I played this fun game where we tried to figure out what job each person had, but not in the normal way of electric or gaffer, more of a that is John V. and that is Toby and that is Joey (from the LA crew). It gave us something to do while we were swarmed with gnats, the most pointless insects alive. Being from the south, I am used to bugs, but this was as if we had bathed in meat juice swarming.

Stand in work is incredibly boring and unrewarding but the job itself really puts me in incredible situations. We are getting paid to hang out in this wonderful setting, a place I wouldn't have ever found on my own. Honestly, the only time we worked was the only time I had to use the restroom (of course). At some point the 1st Assistant Director (or 1st Asssitant Director according to the LA call sheet) came up to me to ask if I was going to London too. "I will if production takes me. I brought my passport just in case." Then he proceeded to tell me I would have 2 days of stunt work while in New York. The 2nd A.D. had already told me to bring my pads, but I had no idea who had told the stunt coordinator that he had to use me and not HIS guy. I was very thankful, because it really helps make this trip worth wild. The wind picked up early so we weren't able to do the stunt all day (another character's stunt), so we had to come back the next day. Production was prepared for that so the only huge hassle was pushing everyone's flights back to the city.

It is not the second to last shot of the day and production didn't know if they were going to need Jonah tomorrow of if they wanted me to double him, so they had me go to Hair/make-up to get a haircut. 15 minutes later, as i am getting out of the chair, they decided they weren't going to use me and now hair has to stay longer because of the miscommunication. Even though it wasn't my fault, i felt bad. later, head hair lady found me to tell me it wasn't me she was mad at. It was a long day of un-organization and miscommunication. after traveling back and forth from base camp and set just to get paid for the day, we finally got on the 'people mover', but the little 9 year old british actor made the whole crew wait for him because he was signing his first autograph...

Next we had the longest and most nauseating trip on a bus ever. I fell asleep for an hour and awoke to see that we were still in the park. Once we made it back i wanted to use the amenities, so i went down to the gym to find Russell Brand and his entourage working out as well. I had made plans with Ricky and Brandon (Dvd guy) to grab a quick drink and a bite to eat at the Hotel Restaurant, but when i got down there, The producer had a tab open for the crew as sort of a fake wrap party for Rochester. Not only was it just a day of work, but we still had more to shoot the next day. Either way, free alcohol is still free. The three of us got our drinks and sat down to eat some real food. The waitress seemed into us, but none of us thought we were the one that she liked. At the end of the meal, we asked for the check and she gave us a wink, almost to say, it was free. But 5 minutes later she brought us a check, totally tricking us. I wanted to be social so i sat down at the bar to get to know some of the new crew guys. There one of the guys wanted to buy the bartenders some shots. There was a fat bartender and a kind of cute one. Talking about the kind of cute girl, the fat one said, "oh wait, she can't drink, she is on anti-biotics". When the crew guy asked what for, the fat one said, "She has The Clap!" Oh my god, what a cock block. i thought she was just fucking with her friend and so did everyone else, so the crew guy kept asking why. The cute girl responds, " i have an infection." The crew guy inquires, "Where? In your vagina area?" "MAYBE" she responds. man, how awkward and that was my cue to hit the sack, knowing that i was only going to get a few hours of sleep at this point.

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