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Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 2 - arrival

Arrive into Rochester without a ride to the hotel. my itinerary said, "reimburse for cab fare", but i am stubborn and thought for sure i could find a way to the hotel without having to pay for it. i noticed on my itinerary that it had the hotel's number on it, so i called and asked if they had a free shuttle. it arrived in no time and was actually really helpful because the driver informed me that there was 1 place to eat and 1 place to see naked girls and that's it. i checked in, took a shower and met Ricky (Russell Brand's Stand In) in the lobby to get some food at the dinosaur bar b q bar. There we met up with some new crew people and shared some much needed laughs. after a few drinks, we both got a call saying that we should come back to the lobby to pick up our per diem. WHAT? and we get money? I was so excited that i told Ricky to chug the rest of his ale so we could feed our wallets. there we met with a warm greeting from some of the familiar faces from the LA crew. after that i went back to my king size single room and passed out. i woke up at 10pm ready to rock and roll but everyone was on there way to sleep. i pretty much laid in bed trying to go back to sleep until 4 am. my alarm was set for 5am...

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